First Harvest

Well … perhaps not. But it was exciting to harvest something from the new lavender beds if only a handful of flowers pruned to encourage the plants to focus on establishing roots. Even this small reward is encouraging to us first-time farmers. It is exciting to see the new First Harvestlavender beginning to thrive and for us to go from gardeners to farmers—to see an empty lot begin to become a productive field.

In the meantime, we are having fun selling our first line of products at the Nampa Farmers’ Market and thinking up new ways to use this awesome plant. Soon to come will be a lavender linen spray and a peppermint lavender foot scrub.

In addition to weeding and pruning and whispering sweet nothings to our little lavender plants, we’ve been tasting all things lavender to work on a line of culinary products. If you haven’t noticed, lavender food is all the rage. We’ll be sharing some of the fun items we’ve found in our neighborhood and throughout the Northwest on our Facebook page and sharing some of the culinary products we’ve been working on at the Market soon!



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