Something for Everyone

Have you tried a Brittanna product yet?  Even in just our first line of bath and body products we have something for everyone. After all, everybody bathes. Or at least they should. However you bathe, it’s better with a Brittanna product—scrubs for the shower; bombs, tea, and salts for the tub; body butter anytime.

Just as lavender isn’t just for grandmas and it isn’t just for girls either. Men can love lavender too. In fact, we have used our husbands as our male product testers—one willingly, the other less so. One husband is an enthusiastic lover of a good lavender infused bath at the end of a hard day. The other had to be convinced to give a sugar scrub cube a try, but now sneaks them out of the drawer. So whether the guy in your life is unabashedly in touch with his feminine side or prefers to keep it on the down low, he needs a little lavender in his life. We recommend the lavender eucalyptus scent for guys.

If you want to try a eucalyptus lavender bath salt, sugar scrub, or body butter for you or a guy in your life (dads like lavender too and so do my 4 and 7-year-old boys!), you are in luck. All eucalyptus products are $2 off in the month of July!

We won’t be at the Market this holiday weekend, but there are plenty of other opportunities to get your hands on some sale items. If you have a midweek, empty scrub tub crisis, email us at and we will gladly deliver orders over $20 to Treasure Valley locations.

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