Grow Your Own

We’ve got plants! And we want to get them to you. If you want to join us in growing a little lavender of your own, you’ll want to start with these locally grown, hardy plants in three varieties. We have gallon-sized Provence, Hidcote, and Phenomenal plants available.

Provence is a hybrid variety know as French lavender. Its stems are long and good for dried and fresh bouquets and even culinary purposes. Hidcote is an English Lavender that is great for landscaping. These plants are hardy and tend to stay smaller in size so they work well as ornamental plants in your flower beds.  Phenomenal is also a hybrid variety that is considered very hardy and does well through tough winters and hot summers. Its blooms are good for just about anything.

Email us at with your order and we will happily deliver to Treasure Valley locations. We are charging $13 a plant if you contact us soon. The cost at the Farmers’ Market will be $15 a plant, so hurry to get your preferred variety and quantity!

If you don’t have room in your garden at the moment, we also have a few small potted Munstead ready for your kitchen window. Munstead is a popular English lavender variety that does well in containers. We are selling these for $6 at the Farmers’ Market.

Care for your lavender by keeping it well watered after transplanting to help it adjust then only occasional watering once it is established. Lavender is drought resistant and prefers watering directly on the roots instead of sprinkling to avoid root rot. All in all, lavender is one of the easiest plants to grow. It looks beautiful, smells great, and attracts pollinators to keep all your plants happy.



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