Bathe more

It’s August already! I can’t believe school will be starting in a few short weeks. While we have been taking a little break from the Market, I’ve been savoring the last long days of summer. I was reading my MaryJanesFarm magazine (I take my farm girl status very seriously), and the topic of the issue was lollygagging—something, the issue argued, we don’t do enough of. I couldn’t agree more. Working long hours, consuming too much technology, and sleeping  too little are a way of life for most of us.Bath bombs

This musing inspired me to take a bath, not a quick, functional shower, but a long lazy bath. I sneaked down into my pantry and got into the Brittanna inventory (maybe you shouldn’t let me keep any at my house, Brittany!) to select the perfect thing. I decided on the bath bombs. The bath tea is my everyday favorite, but this was going to be a long, luxurious bath, and I wanted something exciting. I grabbed three magazines—sure one of them was a parenting magazine, but still—gave the baby to my husband, locked the door, ran the water, and dropped in a citrus lavender bath bomb.

I spent thirty minutes kid and phone free—except for taking this one little photo, of course—thinking about nothing in particular and wishing my dad would build me a tub caddy so I could keep my magazines dry. It was heavenly! Although a bath isn’t always the first summer treat that may come to mind, I highly recommend it. It’s simple, it’s affordable, and it’s way fewer calories than the Sonic lavender wildberry milkshakes I keep craving. Frankly, we Americans really ought to bathe more. Not that we aren’t impeccably clean as a country, but we really do need to slow it down and take some time to soak.

If you just can’t bring yourself to enjoy the treat of a cool summer bath, then find another way to make the most of the last days of summer. Maybe invite yourself over to your best friend’s pool (hint, hint, Brittany) and make a spa day of it with some cooling peppermint lavender foot scrub. Foot scrub

However, you like to pamper  yourself, you deserve it, and we can help. Pick up your favorite Brittanna bath product, grab a glass of wine—or a root beer float in my case—and soak your stress away. And when you finally have to get out of the tub because your kids are banging on the door and slipping their little fingers under it, be careful not to slip. Our products are very moisturizing and a concussion will really ruin the whole relaxation thing.