Back to school, back to the Market

School is starting up again, the weather is cooling down a bit, and we are heading back to the Nampa Farmers’ Market this weekend!  To celebrate the pending return of fall, we are introducing a new warm scent: lavender vanilla. Try any lavender vanilla product—body butter, bath salts, bath bombs, sugar scrub tubs and cubes—for $1 off each!

So spend your holiday weekend stocking up on everything you need to smooth out the back-to-school nerves. Whether you are the student or the parent of one, school can be stressful. Try calming the nerves of your little ones (or yours!) with some lavender linen spray on their pillows.

School comes with mixed emotions for me. On one hand, I’m delighted to get my lovely rugrats back into the classroom, so we can resume some semblance of a schedule. On the other hand, I teach college classes, so back to school means I’m back in the classroom as well. So it is with experience that I say BE KIND TO A TEACHER—and I don’t even teach second graders. I know my son’s second grade teacher will be getting a start-of-school thank you in the form of lavender products. I shudder at the thought of teaching second grade!

Or maybe, like me, you are the teacher. Treat yourself to bath bombs and Lady Grey tea to put yourself to sleep without those first-day-of-school teacher dreams. You deserve a bit of pampering too.

Even if the start of school means nothing to you, you might want to consider celebrating that fact as well. 🙂  Regardless, come welcome us back to the Market on Saturday and enjoy a discount.



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