Say “I love you” with Brittanna Lavender

Give a unique gift to your valentine this year with a handmade Brittanna Lavender gift set. Try one or both of our limited edition scents just in time for the holiday. Choose from a full size Peach Apricot Body Butter with four Peach Apricot Sugar Scrub Cubes or a full size Rose Peony Body Butter with a Rose Peony Bath Bomb. Each set is $15.

rose-bath-bombsOur sets are great for girlfriends, wives, daughters, mothers, friends and even the men in your life. But if your guys aren’t into peach or rose, try our popular eucalyptus lavender scent in any of our body products. Guys like a relaxing bath too, especially on Valentine’s Day!

Order directly by emailing or contacting us on Facebook. We’ll arrange free delivery for local clients. You can also find our Valentine specials at the Jason Brewer & Company Salon in Boise or on Etsy.

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