Where to find us this fall

If you are getting concerned about the shortening fall days signaling the approaching close of the Nampa Farmers’ Market for the season, you should be! After all, where will you get your Brittanna products when you need them the most to soothe that dry winter skin or to give for unique Christmas gifts? Have no fear, we have you covered!

We are scheduled to be at several awesome events this holiday season:

Nampa Farmers’ Market  (our last one of the year!)—  Sat., Oct. 1, 9am to 1pm  — Downtown Nampa

Two Chicks in a Barn October Market — Sat., Oct. 7, 8am to 4pm — Hidden Springs, Garden City

Pickin’ Treasure Valley — Sat., Oct 29, 9am-6pm & Sun., Oct. 30, 10am-4pm — Idaho Center

2016 Craft and Chocolate Affaire — Fri., Nov. 4, 5pm-9pm & Sat., Nov. 4, 10am-4pm — Nampa Civic Center

First Church of the Nazarene Christmas Boutique — Sat., Nov. 5, 8:30am-3:30pm — 601 16th Ave. S., Nampa

Christmas Bazaar at Still Water Hollow — Fri., Nov. 18, 9am-7pm — 18120 Dean Lane, Nampa

Come out and see us! We will have more new products to unveil and a variety of gift sets perfect for everyone on your Christmas list (especially yourself!) And if all else fails, email or message us, and we will happily fill special orders and deliver in the local area. Colder weather makes shipping our products a great option as well.



Back to school, back to the Market

School is starting up again, the weather is cooling down a bit, and we are heading back to the Nampa Farmers’ Market this weekend!  To celebrate the pending return of fall, we are introducing a new warm scent: lavender vanilla. Try any lavender vanilla product—body butter, bath salts, bath bombs, sugar scrub tubs and cubes—for $1 off each!

So spend your holiday weekend stocking up on everything you need to smooth out the back-to-school nerves. Whether you are the student or the parent of one, school can be stressful. Try calming the nerves of your little ones (or yours!) with some lavender linen spray on their pillows.

School comes with mixed emotions for me. On one hand, I’m delighted to get my lovely rugrats back into the classroom, so we can resume some semblance of a schedule. On the other hand, I teach college classes, so back to school means I’m back in the classroom as well. So it is with experience that I say BE KIND TO A TEACHER—and I don’t even teach second graders. I know my son’s second grade teacher will be getting a start-of-school thank you in the form of lavender products. I shudder at the thought of teaching second grade!

Or maybe, like me, you are the teacher. Treat yourself to bath bombs and Lady Grey tea to put yourself to sleep without those first-day-of-school teacher dreams. You deserve a bit of pampering too.

Even if the start of school means nothing to you, you might want to consider celebrating that fact as well. 🙂  Regardless, come welcome us back to the Market on Saturday and enjoy a discount.



Bathe more

It’s August already! I can’t believe school will be starting in a few short weeks. While we have been taking a little break from the Market, I’ve been savoring the last long days of summer. I was reading my MaryJanesFarm magazine (I take my farm girl status very seriously), and the topic of the issue was lollygagging—something, the issue argued, we don’t do enough of. I couldn’t agree more. Working long hours, consuming too much technology, and sleeping  too little are a way of life for most of us.Bath bombs

This musing inspired me to take a bath, not a quick, functional shower, but a long lazy bath. I sneaked down into my pantry and got into the Brittanna inventory (maybe you shouldn’t let me keep any at my house, Brittany!) to select the perfect thing. I decided on the bath bombs. The bath tea is my everyday favorite, but this was going to be a long, luxurious bath, and I wanted something exciting. I grabbed three magazines—sure one of them was a parenting magazine, but still—gave the baby to my husband, locked the door, ran the water, and dropped in a citrus lavender bath bomb.

I spent thirty minutes kid and phone free—except for taking this one little photo, of course—thinking about nothing in particular and wishing my dad would build me a tub caddy so I could keep my magazines dry. It was heavenly! Although a bath isn’t always the first summer treat that may come to mind, I highly recommend it. It’s simple, it’s affordable, and it’s way fewer calories than the Sonic lavender wildberry milkshakes I keep craving. Frankly, we Americans really ought to bathe more. Not that we aren’t impeccably clean as a country, but we really do need to slow it down and take some time to soak.

If you just can’t bring yourself to enjoy the treat of a cool summer bath, then find another way to make the most of the last days of summer. Maybe invite yourself over to your best friend’s pool (hint, hint, Brittany) and make a spa day of it with some cooling peppermint lavender foot scrub. Foot scrub

However, you like to pamper  yourself, you deserve it, and we can help. Pick up your favorite Brittanna bath product, grab a glass of wine—or a root beer float in my case—and soak your stress away. And when you finally have to get out of the tub because your kids are banging on the door and slipping their little fingers under it, be careful not to slip. Our products are very moisturizing and a concussion will really ruin the whole relaxation thing.


Get it while it’s hot!

Or before it gets too hot in our case. We’ll be taking a few weeks hiatus from the Nampa Farmers’ Market during the month of August to avoid some of the hottest temperatures of the summer that can be hard on our natural handmade products. This Saturday will be the last chance until September to see us there so don’t miss out!

We’ve got a few lavender plants left that need good homes. We’ve discounted them to $12 for the gallon size. Want several? Email for an even better deal. You will also want to grab some homemade lavender shortbread and try our new lavender salt grinders and tea blend. Don’t miss our Brittanna Lavender pedicure sets which include a full size bath salts, peppermint lavender foot scrub, and body butter for only $30.

Just because we won’t be at the Market for a bit, doesn’t mean you can’t find us. We’ll have inventory on hand and can fill custom orders. Don’t hesitate to email us if you need some pampering products for a birthday or baby shower gift. And if you are the party host, order up some lavender shortbread or tea. We are happy to deliver to Treasure Valley locations.

Grow Your Own

We’ve got plants! And we want to get them to you. If you want to join us in growing a little lavender of your own, you’ll want to start with these locally grown, hardy plants in three varieties. We have gallon-sized Provence, Hidcote, and Phenomenal plants available.

Provence is a hybrid variety know as French lavender. Its stems are long and good for dried and fresh bouquets and even culinary purposes. Hidcote is an English Lavender that is great for landscaping. These plants are hardy and tend to stay smaller in size so they work well as ornamental plants in your flower beds.  Phenomenal is also a hybrid variety that is considered very hardy and does well through tough winters and hot summers. Its blooms are good for just about anything.

Email us at brittannalavender@gmail.com with your order and we will happily deliver to Treasure Valley locations. We are charging $13 a plant if you contact us soon. The cost at the Farmers’ Market will be $15 a plant, so hurry to get your preferred variety and quantity!

If you don’t have room in your garden at the moment, we also have a few small potted Munstead ready for your kitchen window. Munstead is a popular English lavender variety that does well in containers. We are selling these for $6 at the Farmers’ Market.

Care for your lavender by keeping it well watered after transplanting to help it adjust then only occasional watering once it is established. Lavender is drought resistant and prefers watering directly on the roots instead of sprinkling to avoid root rot. All in all, lavender is one of the easiest plants to grow. It looks beautiful, smells great, and attracts pollinators to keep all your plants happy.



Something for Everyone

Have you tried a Brittanna product yet?  Even in just our first line of bath and body products we have something for everyone. After all, everybody bathes. Or at least they should. However you bathe, it’s better with a Brittanna product—scrubs for the shower; bombs, tea, and salts for the tub; body butter anytime.

Just as lavender isn’t just for grandmas and it isn’t just for girls either. Men can love lavender too. In fact, we have used our husbands as our male product testers—one willingly, the other less so. One husband is an enthusiastic lover of a good lavender infused bath at the end of a hard day. The other had to be convinced to give a sugar scrub cube a try, but now sneaks them out of the drawer. So whether the guy in your life is unabashedly in touch with his feminine side or prefers to keep it on the down low, he needs a little lavender in his life. We recommend the lavender eucalyptus scent for guys.

If you want to try a eucalyptus lavender bath salt, sugar scrub, or body butter for you or a guy in your life (dads like lavender too and so do my 4 and 7-year-old boys!), you are in luck. All eucalyptus products are $2 off in the month of July!

We won’t be at the Market this holiday weekend, but there are plenty of other opportunities to get your hands on some sale items. If you have a midweek, empty scrub tub crisis, email us at brittannalavender@gmail.com and we will gladly deliver orders over $20 to Treasure Valley locations.

First Harvest

Well … perhaps not. But it was exciting to harvest something from the new lavender beds if only a handful of flowers pruned to encourage the plants to focus on establishing roots. Even this small reward is encouraging to us first-time farmers. It is exciting to see the new First Harvestlavender beginning to thrive and for us to go from gardeners to farmers—to see an empty lot begin to become a productive field.

In the meantime, we are having fun selling our first line of products at the Nampa Farmers’ Market and thinking up new ways to use this awesome plant. Soon to come will be a lavender linen spray and a peppermint lavender foot scrub.

In addition to weeding and pruning and whispering sweet nothings to our little lavender plants, we’ve been tasting all things lavender to work on a line of culinary products. If you haven’t noticed, lavender food is all the rage. We’ll be sharing some of the fun items we’ve found in our neighborhood and throughout the Northwest on our Facebook page and sharing some of the culinary products we’ve been working on at the Market soon!