Our product lines include handcrafted bath & body, home, and culinary items made from Anna and Brittany’s homegrown lavender. The girls’ products are designed to introduce those unfamiliar with the spectrum of benefits of lavender to universally desirable scents and flavors.

Try the bath and body products in six fresh scents: lavender, lavender coconut, lavender eucalyptus,  lavender citrus, lavender vanilla, and peach apricot. You can also experience one of the most trendy flavors in your sweet and savory dishes. Lavender isn’t just for grandmas! Watch for limited edition scents and products for special occasions.

Below is a sampling of products and prices. We have additional body products, culinary products, sewn items, plants and oil, and home decor available at our booth, festival, or by request.


Sugar scrub
Sugar Scrub Tubs (8oz) $10
Body butter
Body Butter (8oz) $12
scrub cubes
Sugar Scrub Cubes (12pcs) $8
Bath bombs
Bath Bombs (3pcs) $8
bath salts
Bath Salts (20oz) $12
Bath teas
Bath Tea (3pcs) $8
Foot scrub
Salt Foot Scrub (8oz) $10
Linen spray
Linen Spray (2oz) $7
Hand & Body Wash (8oz) $6
Lady Grey
Lady Grey Tea (5oz) $8
Lavender Salt Grinder (4oz) $8
Herbes de Provence (4oz) $9